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Upload a photograph

A portrait or art commission will only be as good as the photo you provide. Please upload any photos of your subjects here. I'm very happy to look through and advise on the best photo to create your artwork from, with no obligation to order. Please read the instructions below to check the quality of your photo is good enough.


Please upload photos at the original size they were taken or as close as possible, so that when zoomed into there is enough detail visible to create a portrait.


If you have been sent a photo via whatsapp, or are sending a photo taken from social media or a screenshot it will probably be too small to work from. ​​Photos that have been emailed need to be emailed at the original resolution or at least a large size. This can be set up in email software. Here's a guide for emailing photos if you have an iPhone.


As a guide images that are smaller than 1Mb in size are usually too small to work from.

If you're unsure about your photo quality please drop me an email telling me how you got hold of your photo and I can advise you.

Please upload your photo below and we'll get back to you. For more information on the required photo quality please read our advice on photos. For tips on photo advice please read our blog 

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