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Photo advice - tips on photo quality for your bespoke portrait or illustration

When it comes to portraits, pet portraits and commissions, the final picture will only be as good as the photo you provide.

Photo size & resolution

For the best results, your photo needs to be the highest resolution possible. Resolution is the amount of detail you can see in the photo especially when you zoom into it.  The better the resolution the better the likeness of your portrait or illustration. ​
Please avoid photos downloaded from social media as these are compressed and are not very high resolution.


Whenever possible take photos where there's plenty of natural light preferably outside. Have the light source in front of or to the side of your subject. Definitely don’t have the light source behind your pet as you’ll get a silhouette effect and your subject will look very dark. 

Avoid strong, direct light - the kind you get around midday - this will make your pet squint and create nasty shadows. Good times of day for lighting are early morning and late evening and cloudy days are perfect.

For more tips on getting the best photo for pet portraits read this - it's only a 3 minute read we promise!


We're happy to help

If you're unsure about your photograph choice please contact us via our Contact form or send us an email with a few photos attached and we'll have a quick look to advise you. If you're using an iPhone please copy and paste images into your email rather than sharing to email as this keeps the original photo resolution.

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