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Need help choosing your pet print options?

If you'd like to order a print but you're not quite sure how your pet's name will look in the font you like or which background colour to go for, have a play with our handy preview widget below.

Personalised off-the-shelf prints

If you're ordering a personalised print based on one of our off-the-shelf designs see how your pet's name will look in different fonts and see how the design works with different background colours. 

Bespoke commissions

If you're ordering a bespoke print have a look and see how your pet's name will look in different fonts and see how the different background colours work with our off-the-shelf designs. You can change your options later when you receive your email proof.

How to use our print preview widget

1) Enter your pet's name in the box provided

2) Choose your font

3) Select background colour

4) Choose the dog breed print design

Please note that the colours in the image you see here will not be exactly the same as the final print, due to the different technologies and also depends on the screen settings on your PC or mobile device.

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